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  • Pesticides and Fruit & Veg – The Dirty Dozen & The Clean Fifteen

    If you are planning to start buying some organic foods but aren’t sure where to start, read on! Pesticide Action Network UK (…/Pesticides-in-our-food-multiple-re…) have published a list of the fruits and vegetables containing the most pesticide residues – termed “The Dirty Dozen” and a list of foods with the least pesticide residues – termed “The Clean Fifteen”. So if you want to start the move towards buying organic foods, start swapping non-organic foods from the dirty dozen list. The Dirty Dozen: Grapefruit, Oranges, Lemons & Limes, Strawberries, Pears, Grapes, Cherries, Peaches, Parsnips, Asparagus, Apples, Apricots The Clean Fifteen: Beetroot, Corn on the cob, Mushrooms, Figs, Rhubarb, Swede, Turnip, Onions, Avocado, Cauliflower, Radish, Sweet Potatoes, Broad Beans, Leeks, Pumpkin & Squash #zerowastebulkfoods #dirtydozen #cleanfifteen #fruit #veggies #vegetables #pesticideactionnetworkuk #organic #pesticidefree #organicfarming #healthyfood #saveourbees #savetheplanet #oneswapatatime #cocktaileffect #permaculture #wecandothis

  • Teabags and Microplastic

    A few years back I was reading an article about teabags and microplastic. Yes, the bags themselves can shed billions of particles of microplastics. The Journal of Environmental Science & Technology published an article showing “that steeping a single plastic teabag at brewing temperature (95 °C) releases approximately 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion nanoplastics into a single cup”. Shocking right! Polypropylene is often used to seal teabags to stop them from falling apart. As it isn’t compostable or biodegradable, it can lead to plastic pollution as it won’t be broken down. Like most plastics, polypropylene is a known endocrine disruptor. A quick google search will bring up a lot of published information about the range of health issues (some chronic) which can stem from endocrine disruptors.…. So… take a close look at the packaging information on a range of teabags - is the bag made of plastic? or is a bioplastic used to seal the bag? do you want to drink plastic in your tea or go for a zero waste, plastic-free option? Why not browse through our range of loose-leaf teas, loose leaf tea infuser and reusable cotton tea bags! Our teas are Organic and Biodynamic meaning they are also free from pesticides and herbicides etc. Also, I would recommend using a stainless-steel infuser / strainer or reusable cotton tea bag rather than a plastic one for the reasons above. A good stainless-steel infuser / strainer should last for decades. If it starts to get stained by the tea, just pop some baking soda and vinegar onto it and give it a good rub. It will come back to it's original sparkling self in no time. #zerowastebulkfoods #zerowastehorsham #zerowastesussex#plasticfreehorsham #plasticfreesussex #horsham #ecogift#looseleaftea #plasticfreetea #loosetea #looseleaf #earlgrey#englishbreakfast #chai #greentea #darjeeling #rooibos#biodegradable #compostable #zerowaste #zerowastejourney#zerowastegoals #plasticfreejourney #plasticfreegoals#supportsmallbusinesses #loopgeneration #actnow#oneswapatatime #zerowastetips

  • We have just extended our range of plastic free eco-friendly products – all available to buy now!

    Please contact us if you have any questions – we’d love to help. If we can all make small changes and swaps to our everyday items, we’ll be heading in the right direction! Washing Up Soap Bar – biodegradable and made in the UK Loofah Cleaning Pad –biodegradable and home compostable Loofah Washing Up Pad – biodegradable and vegan Toothpaste Tablets (100% vegan) with fluoride plus food grade refillable, reusable and recyclable tin Stainless Steel Straws x 5 with plastic free, vegan cleaning straw and organic cotton carry pouch Bottle Brush - made from coconut fibres, biodegradable and vegan . Self-Adhesive Paper Tape – an excellent eco-friendly alternative to plastic tape Natural Twine with Dispenser – compostable after use and re-use. . . #zerowastebulkfoods #zerowastehorsham ##zerowastesussex #zerowastehome #zerowastetips #zerowastevegan #zerowasteuk #zerowastegoals #zerowastejourney #zerowastelifestyle #wastefreeshopping #wastefreeliving #plasticfreehorsham #plasticfreesussex #southwater #horsham #broadbridgeheath #sussex #westsussex #eco #ecofriendly #ecoliving #ecogoals #ecojourney #plasticfree #plasticfreeliving #plasticfreegoals #plasticfreejourney #zerowastewashingup #zerowastetoothpaste #zerowastechristmas #zerowastewrapping #washingupsoapbar #loofahcleaningpad #loofahwashinguppad #toothpastetablets #stainlesssteelstraws #bottlebrush #papertape #twine #loopgeneration #keepintheloop #savetheplanet #actnow #oneswapatatime

  • We have a lovely new sussex-based business partner today - Cheeky Wipes!

    Cheeky Wipes make an amazing range of washable baby wipes, breast pads, makeup remover pads, washable sanitary pads, washable period pants and all the accessories you’ll need to use them. Hands up if you’ve watched the war on plastic. Horrifying isn’t it. The plastic versions of these items – nappy wipes, facial wipes, makeup remover wipes, sanitary pads and tampons contain plastic in addition to their plastic packaging. Nappy wipes actually contain up to 90% plastic and are our used wipes are likely to stay in landfill or the ocean sitting around for at least the next 800 years or so. There are also all sorts of chemicals present in these products if you read the small print. I don’t know about you, but I used to wipe my kid’s mouths after a messy feed with a wet wipe. They hated it. I did it myself once and the taste was horrid. I never did that again and I was an easy convert to these washable baby wipes. They are essentially a lovely neat little towel. No nasty taste, no mouthful of chemicals and so much better for the environment. I started using these for dirty hands and mouths and also use them now for wet nappies. Pop them in the wash and they are good to go again. I also have a wet and dry bag to take with me instead of nappy wipes. Next, I tried the washable sanitary pads and period pants. I have to say, once I got over the original eugh thought and actually tried them, I’ve been amazed at how comfy they are and how much they hold. Again, I haven’t looked back. Have a look at the cheeky wipes site and if you answer a few questions they will come back with a personalised plan of what to use. I love the makeup remover pads. I’ve also swapped out eye makeup remover for coconut oil. It works an absolute treat and feels so good I think it might double up as eye cream! Please use this link to receive a 10% discount (you can’t buy from the Zero Waste Bulk Foods website) As this is an affiliate link, Zero Waste Bulk Foods will receive a small commission from sales. However, we have negotiated the 10% discount for you which has come out of our commission. #zerowastebulkfoods #zerowastehorsham #zerowastesussex #plasticfree #cheekywipes #waronplastic #saveourplanet #savetheearth #uselessplastic #plasticfreelife #plasticfreealternatives #plasticfreeperiods #periodpants #washablesanitarypads #washablemakeupremoverpads #washablenappywipes #washablewipes #ecoliving #ecokids

  • Coffee and chocolate lovers please read on!

    We are very happy to add new product lines this week from two local artisans. Sourcing locally is really important to us and we would love to expand our range – please contact us if you make products that you think would fit our ethos! By sourcing locally, we not only leave a better footprint on the environment by reducing fuel emissions and energy usage, but we can also directly support the local economy. This week we picked up some amazing product lines from coffee connoisseurs Horsham Coffee Roaster and the chocolatiers Cocoa Loco. Both companies are strong supporters of the communities that source from and have made positive impacts on the lives of people in those communities. We love that Horsham Coffee Roaster share our passion for the environment and are strong believers in the 3Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle. This week we picked a range of freshly roasted beans from Rwanda, Kenya and Columbia. They taste fantastic and are ready to be ground, brewed and enjoyed! Check out this section of our website for more details We were also really excited to pick up a delicious range from the Horsham chocolatiers Cocoa Loco. We have milk and dark chocolate buttons, hot chocolate spoons and milk chocolate (actual chocolate) drinking flakes in stock as of today! Check out this section of our website for details

  • We've finally launched!

    I am so excited to launch zero waste bulk foods - an online shop bringing you over 120 (predominantly organic) foods and non foods in completely plastic free packing. I have really enjoyed sourcing the products and building the website and have literally spent every free hour working to get to this moment! My hope is that it will reduce food waste - you only buy what you need; reduce the amount of plastic heading to landfill, incineration and the ocean; and promote nutritious, organic whole foods at competitive prices! A big thank you to Horsham District Council who awarded Zero Waste Bulk Foods a grant, which has greatly assisted in getting this business up and running. Please take a look and drop me a line if you have any questions!

  • Lets talk about our products and food hygiene practices!

    Here at Zero Waste Bulk Foods, one of our goals is to reduce the amount of plastic in the supply chain. We buy food in bulk from our UK partners (who source globally in even larger bulk quantities) and also from local suppliers. We then place all of our products in airtight containers and store in clean, cool and dry facilities. Each product is stored in its original packaging, sealed with a high grade, commercial sealing clip then placed into airtight containers. So, you can be sure that the products you receive are of good quality! Every food containing an allergen is stored in a separate container and we ensure that the food scoops used are only used once before being cleaned at a high temperature. When an order is placed, we weigh each product being purchased and then place either into a brown paper bag or a natureflex plant based (not plastic!) bag. The natureflex bags are used for products that may leak oils or juice, such as dried fruits, nuts, coffee etc. We then place a sticker containing all of the information you would expect to see on a product if you purchased from a shop. We are able to monitor stock turnover very closely and although we buy in bulk, we buy small amounts of each product in bulk to ensure that products are turned over well before their best before date. If any products did come close to their best before date, they would be offered at a discounted price due to best before date approaching. Zero Waste Bulk Foods received a Food Hygiene rating of 5 in October 2019 - which is the highest rating possible and means that we fully comply with the law. Our premises were inspected by a food safety officer from our local authority to check that we follow food hygiene law and that the food that we package and sell is safe to eat. They looked closely at how we handle food, how we store food, how we prepare food, how clean our facilities are and how we manage food safety. Here is a little photo of one of our products ready to be sent out in a plant based - not plastic - bag!

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