Wild rice origniates from Asia and North America. Suprisingly, it isn't actually a rice - it’s the seed of an aquatic grass that looks and cooks like rice. This grass grows naturally along the shores of streams and lakes and in shallow freshwater marshes.


Wild rice is brown/black and has a nutty, smokey, chewy flavour. 


Cooking with Wild Rice mix


To make a lovely nutty, smoky wild rice mix salad, rinse 120g rice thoroughly, then bring 500ml chicken stock to the boil, add the rice and a couple of bay leaves. Cover and simmer for about 40 minutes, then drain and mix into a green salad. The wild rice mix pairs well with butter, lemon juice, pepper and chopped tarragon.

Wild Rice Mix, Organic

SKU: PA029
  • Ingredients: Organic Long Grain Brown Rice (80%), Organic Wild Rice (10%), Organic Camargue Red Rice (10%)


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