In ancient times, the hazelnut was used as a medicine and a tonic - it was mentioned in Chinese manuscripts that date back as far as 2838 B.C.! They have a sweet flavour and can be eaten raw, roasted or ground into a paste.


Cooking with Hazelnuts


Hazelnuts are really versatile - enjoy them raw, roasted, in a paste or as an ingredient in a huge range of healthy dishes. They are also found in some of our guilty pleasures like Nutella (try making your own hazelnut spread for a healthier option) and added to chocolate.


Hazelnuts can be added to salads and veggies to add a texture, crunch and a nutritional boost, or mixed into cheese and toppings. You can use them chopped as a coating for meats and fishes or add to baked goods.

Hazelnuts - Whole, Organic

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  • Ingredients: 100% Organic hazelnuts


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