Coconut products make a great alternative to dairy creams and butters. The milk is an excellent base for smoothies, soups, and curries; the oil can be used as a cooking oil - I roast my veggies in coconut oil and fry veggies / meat in it. Coconut water also makes an excellent drink after a workout.


Cooking with  Coconut ChiCoconut chips.. so many options! Snack on them just as they are – they are sooo moreish. You can also add them to smoothies, acai bowls, granola, porridge, yogurt, waffles or pancakes, or even a piece of toast smeared with nut butter and fruit. Cinnamon and honey are both wonderful additions to any of those suggestions.


Try stirring into curries or stir frys at the end for an aromatic crunch, spoon over a tray of roasted veggies, over crispy chicken or fish. You can also bulk up a plate of green veggies – they will add another dimension!

Coconut Chips - Organic

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  • Ingredients: Organic coconut chips


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