Barley was used by the Ancient Egyptians to make beer and barley bread. It has been a staple food in Tibet for centuries in the form of tsampa, where roasted barley flour is mixed with yak butter and formed into dough balls or porridge. It is used in a variety of Middle Eastern dishes, as well as in mugicha tea in Japan. In Scotland, it is used to make bannock. 


Naked barley thrives in the British climate - so it's surprising that it's not more mainstream! The majority of barley is referred to as a “covered barley,” which means it has a tough, inedible outer hull around the kernel. “Naked” barley, has a covering, or hull, that is so loose that it usually falls off during harvesting.


These Naked Barley Flakes were highly commended in the 2017 Great British Food Awards where the two-star Michelin star chef, Michel Roux Jr. commented that  “the flakes look great and have a wonderful aroma of nutty goodness, which hits you as soon as you open the packet. It’s divine when cooked as a porridge, savoury or sweet, or even mixed into bread and crumbles. So much more than a breakfast cereal!”


Cooking with Naked Barley Flakes


Naked barley flakes can be eaten hot or cold, and are a great alternative to oat flakes, resulting in a nuttier, slightly sweeter flavor and chewier texture. They can be used in any recipe that calls for rolled or flaked oats - think porridge, muesli, cookies, cakes, flapjacks and bread.


Soak 1 part naked barley flakes overnight in 3 parts water, milk or milk alternative to use as a porridge.Try adding raisins or cranberries to the flakes as they are cooking - the fruits will plump and sweeten the cereal, or sweeten with honey or maple syrup and finish with toasted nuts.


You could also use naked barley flakes as a crumble topping, or to make pancakes - just substitue 1/2 the flour for flakes.

British Grown Naked Barley Flakes - Organic

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