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We have a lovely new sussex-based business partner today - Cheeky Wipes!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Cheeky Wipes make an amazing range of washable baby wipes, breast pads, makeup remover pads, washable sanitary pads, washable period pants and all the accessories you’ll need to use them.

Hands up if you’ve watched the war on plastic. Horrifying isn’t it. The plastic versions of these items – nappy wipes, facial wipes, makeup remover wipes, sanitary pads and tampons contain plastic in addition to their plastic packaging. Nappy wipes actually contain up to 90% plastic and are our used wipes are likely to stay in landfill or the ocean sitting around for at least the next 800 years or so. There are also all sorts of chemicals present in these products if you read the small print. I don’t know about you, but I used to wipe my kid’s mouths after a messy feed with a wet wipe. They hated it. I did it myself once and the taste was horrid. I never did that again and I was an easy convert to these washable baby wipes. They are essentially a lovely neat little towel. No nasty taste, no mouthful of chemicals and so much better for the environment. I started using these for dirty hands and mouths and also use them now for wet nappies. Pop them in the wash and they are good to go again. I also have a wet and dry bag to take with me instead of nappy wipes.

Next, I tried the washable sanitary pads and period pants. I have to say, once I got over the original eugh thought and actually tried them, I’ve been amazed at how comfy they are and how much they hold. Again, I haven’t looked back. Have a look at the cheeky wipes site and if you answer a few questions they will come back with a personalised plan of what to use.

I love the makeup remover pads. I’ve also swapped out eye makeup remover for coconut oil. It works an absolute treat and feels so good I think it might double up as eye cream!

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