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Orders and Immune Boosting Sauerkraut Recipe

Wow, what a week this has been. I’ve been shocked going into the supermarket last week to get my weekly shop.

I’ve had a huge surge in orders this week - my wholesale suppliers have been working around the clock to keep up with orders from smaller retail businesses like me and I will be replenishing stock that is running low this week.

If you are self-isolating as you have symptoms, please let me know and I will be happy to deliver but will leave on your doorstep. I will text you when I am there. Also, if you are self-isolating because you are at risk and would prefer me to leave on the doorstep, please just let me know and again I’ll be happy to do so and can call or text when I have delivered. I can’t however take responsibility for any goods that are left on the doorstep.

If you have elderly family or neighbours who aren’t able to access online shopping, please do ask them to call me if they want to place an order - I am happy to accept cash, cheques, bank transfer – any payment method.

Other news:

1. ***EDIT*** My wholesaler as temporarily disabled any more orders from 8.45pm on 17th March so I cannot order in any more at the moment. If you would like to place an order for any in the future, please send me an email and I will be happy to add onto my next order.***

I will be placing an order by Wednesday 18th March with one of my suppliers. If anyone would like to buy cleaning liquids in 5 litre containers – hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, laundry liquid, toilet cleaner, all-purpose cleaner etc, then please head to the bulk liquids price list on the website to look at what is on offer Please email me with your order as you won’t be able to order through the website (I will take the page down on Wednesday night as this is a one off as I don’t have space to buy these in bulk).

2. New in this week by several requests – organic pitted prunes, organic chopped apricots, non-organic whole apricots and organic wholewheat tagliatelle.

3. Finally, with potential extra time on our hands and everyone in need of immune boosting foods, here is a great sauerkraut recipe!

Sauerkraut is so, so easy to make and it is really great for your immune system. Why? Because it contains millions of beneficial bacteria that support the lining of our gut – and the strength of our immune system actually lies in our gut. The lining of our gut absorbs and transports nutrients across the intestinal wall and is also where the greatest number of immune cells are produced.

The good bacteria in sauerkraut pass through our bodies, so it is better to have a little bit often rather than a lot of it infrequently.

Using organic ingredients for sauerkraut is really important – we need the bacteria! Also, using locally sourced vegetables is better as the transit time is likely to be less and so more nutrients will be present. I bought my organic veggies from Greener Greens who source their organic food locally – and it comes delivered to my door with a smile on a Friday.


1 organic green / pointed cabbage

2 organic beetroot heads, peel the skin off

2-4cm organic ginger, peeled and grated

1tbsp salt for every 800g of vegetables


1. Peel the outside leaves of the cabbage and put aside – you’ll need these later.

2. Finely chop the cabbage and beetroot – it is really important to keep the width of the veggies the same, so that they ferment at the same speed.

3. Grate the ginger.

4. Add 1 tbsp salt per 800g veggies. It is really important to weigh your veggies as the amount of salt you use is crucial.

5. With clean hands, mix everything together with your hands in a bowl, cover and leave for 1-3 hours on the side.

6. Now you’ll need to massage the veggies for 5 minutes or so. The aim is to extract the liquid. Very soon you’ll have a lovely pool of purple liquid in the bowl.

7. Sterilise a jar and lid – in boiling water ideally

8. Take handfuls of the veggies, squeeze out the liquid (but keep this) and place into the sterilised jar. Keep going until you are about 3 cm from the top.

9. Place the cabbage leaf over the veggies and use a weight – the top of a carrot, a sterilised paper weight etc to hold the cabbage leaf down.

10. Pour the liquid over the top and then loosely place the lid on top. Place the jar on a plate as some liquid will escape.

11. It is important to make sure there aren’t any bits of vegetables on the top of the jar or at the side. EVERYTHING – all of the sliced veggies must be covered with the liquid.

12. Keep the lid on loosely as the veggies will start to ferment and produce a gas. The gas needs to escape. If you screw the lid on tightly the bottle will explode in 24 hours or so.

13. Cover the jar with a tea towel and leave on the counter.

14. Burp the jar every 12 hours or so – just lift the lid slightly to let the gas out and then loosely pop back on.

15. Keep on the side for 4 weeks.

16. If you see any signs of mould, do not eat Mould is usually caused because air has got into it - the vegetables may not have been completely covered in the liquid.

17. After 2-4 weeks (probably 4 weeks in this weather as it takes longer to ferment in the cold), tuck in and enjoy a spoonful with each meal!

Thanks, and please keep yourself and the vulnerable safe.


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