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Low Waste Christmas Preparations

With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve put together a few ideas to help you enjoy a low / zero waste celebration!

1. My firm favourite is to buy an experience as a present. Many gifts every year are not actually used. Giving the gift of an experience is a great alternative and some experiences will never ever be forgotten if they get the adrenaline going!!

2. Shop second hand. Make your pennies stretch further and help save unwanted items from heading to landfill.

3. If you are buying clothes, consider items made from natural fibres such as cotton, linen and bamboo. Not only do these allow your body to breathe, but they will also biodegrade if they eventually end up in landfill.

4. Look out for eco-friendly wrapping paper and cards – steer away from glitter! Reusable fabric wrapping is great – it can be used time and time again and looks amazing under the tree. Plantable Christmas cards are also a great idea – the paper disintegrates when buried and there are a variety of seeds that you can choose from that are embedded in the paper.

5. When you are buying your food, try to select fresh, unpackaged foods, or foods that are packaged in a biodegradable / compostable material. Ideally shop for fresh foods at your local markets.

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