Coffee and chocolate lovers please read on!

We are very happy to add new product lines this week from two local artisans. Sourcing locally is really important to us and we would love to expand our range – please contact us if you make products that you think would fit our ethos! By sourcing locally, we not only leave a better footprint on the environment by reducing fuel emissions and energy usage, but we can also directly support the local economy.

This week we picked up some amazing product lines from coffee connoisseurs Horsham Coffee Roaster and the chocolatiers Cocoa Loco. Both companies are strong supporters of the communities that source from and have made positive impacts on the lives of people in those communities.

We love that Horsham Coffee Roaster share our passion for the environment and are strong believers in the 3Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle. This week we picked a range of freshly roasted beans from Rwanda, Kenya and Columbia. They taste fantastic and are ready to be ground, brewed and enjoyed! Check out this section of our website for more details

We were also really excited to pick up a delicious range from the Horsham chocolatiers Cocoa Loco. We have milk and dark chocolate buttons, hot chocolate spoons and milk chocolate (actual chocolate) drinking flakes in stock as of today! Check out this section of our website for details