All of our products are packaged in plastic free bags. We use a combination of certified home compostable grade plant based bags and recyclable and /or compostable strong brown paper bags to package your food. We use cardboard boxes and recyclable brown paper tape to send out your package, and cushion your goods with scrunched brown paper and / or a biodegradable plant based loose fill. Where possible, we reuse the boxes that we receive goods in.


Our biodegradable, certified home compostable bags look like plastic bags - but they aren't! They are made from cellulose derived from renewable wood pulp. There are many grades of compostable plant based bags - some are only compostable in industrial composts, but these bags are certified to the "OK Compost Home" standard for use in home composts. We recommend tearing them up before placing in your compost heap. They are also approved for anaerobic digestion and for marine biodegradation. If you would prefer to receive all of your items in paper bags, please just pop this in the comments section. Oily foods such as dried fruits, nuts, tea etc. will seep some oil into the bags but if you don't mind, then we are more than happy to pack in the paper bags.

Our biodegradable, plant based loose fill are the shape of peanuts and look a little bit like polystyrene - but they aren't!. They are made from starch, which is an annually renewable resource rather than a depleting resource, are certified biodegradable and have been proven to provide better impact protection than polystyrene. They dissolve in water, so once you receive, there is no need to put them into any bin - just add water and watch them disappear.

Please consider reusing the bags or boxes - recycling is great but reusing is even better!


Zero Waste Bulk Foods received a Food Hygiene rating of 5 in October 2019 - which is the highest rating possible and means that we fully comply with the law. Our premises were inspected by a food safety officer from Horsham District Council to check that we follow food hygiene law and that the food that we package and sell is safe to eat. They looked closely at how we handle food, how we store food, how we prepare food, how clean our facilities are and how we manage food safety.  Since moving into our current premises in September 2020, we are still awaiting a new inspection by Mole Valley District Council. Due to covid they have not been able to conduct a physical inspection yet, but are happy to speak to anyone who would like to discuss on 01306 885001.