So where did it all start? 


Zero Waste Bulk Foods was born a good few years before launch! When I (Nicky - the owner) moved to Australia, I joined an active sports community that advocated a healthy lifestyle - including cooking from scratch and cooking with wholefoods. At the time, there were no bulk foods stores around where I could buy just the amount that I needed, so I bought large packs of wholefoods from the supermarket and a fair amount ended up getting thrown away when it went past its sell by date! Still, my food tasted delicious, and was actually a lot cheaper than buying premade food or eating junk food. 

A couple of years later, a wave of information around gut health was surfacing - nourishing your body with pre and pro biotics, fermented foods and organic foods, the benefits of using glass containers to store food rather than plastic containers and so on. I made the switch and ditched all plastic containers and it was so easy! I started thinking about the amount of plastic things I used and where they eventually ended up, and decided there and then to start removing plastic from my life one step at a time.

Finally a local bulk foods store opened - I could cook from scratch more often, and I didn't have to buy large packs of each ingredient I needed and then waste some - I just popped in to buy what I needed. There was no plastic in sight! The shelves were also stocked with plastic free, durable household and personal items. The ideas were so exciting...

When I moved back to rural UK, there were no bulk foods or zero waste stores near me. The concept of an online shop was born so people like me, living in a place where there are no zero waste bulk foods stores can order away and start, or continue their journey.

"It's just one straw, it's just one disposable cup, it's just one plastic bag" - 7.5 billion people.

Small actions done by hundreds of thousands of people will change the world.