Zero Waste Bulk Foods is an online plastic-free UK bulk store with over 350 products from vegan and organic ranges to eco-friendly household items. Everything is packed to order and we offer 3 options for packaging (head to our instagram page for a peek).

  1. Send in your reusable fabric bags - we will refund £1.50 from your order towards delivery costs if you are posting to us and have enough bags for all items in your order. For local customers, please drop off or leave out for us to collect when we deliver your order. Please make sure your name is attached to the pack of bags.

  2. We can pack in a mixture of certified home compostable bags and brown paper bags.

  3. If you would prefer your items to be packed entirely in brown paper bags, please just leave a note in the comments section.

Our hope is that it will:

  • significantly reduce your plastic load.

  • reduce the amount of plastic heading to landfill, incineration and the ocean.

  • reduce your food waste - you only buy what you need of your lesser used products.

  • save money - if you know you eat a lot of a particular product, buy in a larger quantity, which will reduce the cost per 100g.

  • make zero waste and bulk foods shopping accessible to everyone though the online store, with the benefit of a free delivery service to local addresses.

Important Notice from 19 October 2020

Whilst we buy certified organic products from UK suppliers, due to an error, we do not currently hold organic certification and therefore we cannot label these organic foods as organic. We are currently awaiting certification from one of the UK's approved control bodies.


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